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Confused by all those withholding rates and tax terms?

Let us help you!


David C. Bryant, CPA can assist you with all of your payroll needs. Get the help you deserve so you may better focus on the skill that “makes” your company! We will handle the payroll while you do what you do best! Not only does it give you time to manage your company; it gives you more time for yourself. It eliminates the burden of researching new payroll compliance and laws.

The services we offer include payroll set-up and payroll withholding account establishment. David C. Bryant, CPA will also produce the payroll checks, pay stubs, and reports for each pay period. No need to worry about the tax deposits and forms needed to make these deposits. We process it all for you! Depending on the requirements of the state and federal government, we will prepare your weekly, monthly, quarterly, and/or annual tax reporting. Included in the annual reporting will be the employee and state W-2s, the W-3s, the 1099 and 1096 forms if needed.

Have a new employee; don’t know where to go from there? Let us handle it! We will provide the new hire paperwork and forms necessary to be completed. We will also review the paperwork for completion and accuracy. Then we will report the new hires to the New Hire Registry, also required by the state.

Don’t let the payroll process become the cause of concern. We will address your payroll questions and concerns, to the best of our knowledge, to be compliant with Federal and State employment law!

Important Information for Businesses


"Under the law, employers with an automatic payroll system are required to establish a payroll deposit retirement savings arrangement for employees through a state-run trust. This means that employers that use an automated payroll system must offer a retirement plan or sign their employees up for MarylandSaves."

MarylandSaves launched state-wide on September 15, 2022. For more information about how the program works, please visit

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