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IRS & State Resolution

Don’t let the IRS or State intimidate you! Call David C. Bryant, CPA for your federal and state tax troubles.

IRS & State Resolution

Dealing with the IRS can be a hassle, not to mention, a disturbance to your business. With an IRS Representative like David C. Bryant, CPA, you can be assured your issues will be handled with the utmost proficiency.

Resolving IRS tax issues include many elements. The process of handling the Internal Revenue Service involves the knowledge of tax law, and expertise in IRS procedure. If you receive a letter from the IRS please contact us without delay so you can limit penalties and/or interest.

Business with the State can be as much of a burden as the Federal Government. Usually the State’s quickest solution is payment in full in a short amount of time. We will evaluate on a case by case basis and lend a hand in finding you the best solution!

If you receive a letter from the State you don't understand please contact us as soon as possible so we can answer any questions you may have.

Important Information for Businesses


"Under the law, employers with an automatic payroll system are required to establish a payroll deposit retirement savings arrangement for employees through a state-run trust. This means that employers that use an automated payroll system must offer a retirement plan or sign their employees up for MarylandSaves."

MarylandSaves launched state-wide on September 15, 2022. For more information about how the program works, please visit

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